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Petrochemical Industry

RPIs expertise

RPI is acknowledged as a leading research and consulting firm with extensive experience in the petrochemical industry.

RPI has accumulated a large portfolio of completed projects that covers analysis of regional markets (highlighting supply, demand and competitive environment), evaluation of opportunities to supply feedstock to external markets, the study of pricing mechanisms and feasibility of production projects.

The companys vast expertise, updatable in-house databases and unique research techniques enable RPI to pursue research and consulting challenges with a broad range of complexity, serving the needs of producers of chemical goods, raw material suppliers, financial institutions and other market players.


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Sample projects

A leading international petrochemical company

Content — An evaluation of investment and M&A options in the O&G downstream segment in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. Deliverables included a study of market segments, value chain analysis, overview of the competitive environment and assessment of current risks.

Purpose — Analytical support in selecting investment and M&A targets.

A large Russian petrochemical company

Content — Forecasting production and consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) until 2015 in terms of consumption segments. Building demand scenarios. Projecting the utilization rate of various types of petrochemical feedstock (LPG, naphtha, etc.)

Purpose — The project provided analytical support in the clients decision-making process regarding feedstock provision and feasibility of expanding production facilities.

A leading international manufacturer of specialty chemicals

Content — A forecast of options for supplying raw material from Russia for production of carbon black at the companys plants. Deliverables included a detailed analysis of manufacturers, an overview of their plans to upgrade production lines, an analysis of the feedstock market, including price analysis and pricing mechanisms, and evaluation of the feasibility of feedstock production by companies not involved in this business.

Purpose — To provide analytical support used by the client to work out its global and regional feedstock supply strategy. The client also used deliverables to identify business opportunities on the Russian market.

A large international petrochemical company

Content — An in-depth study of the Russian feedstock market for the petrochemical industry, evaluation of options for supplying feedstock to the European market.

Purpose — Analytical support used by the client to frame a mid-term strategy on target markets.

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