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Central Asian Gas
Central Asian Gas
Released: December 2002
Language: English
Quanity: 175 pages
Format: book and CD
Delivery: express shipping (2-4 days)
Price: € 400
Central Asian Gas provides a comprehensive examination of the current state of the gas industries of:
  • Azerbaijan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
taken individually and as a interdependent system.

The report addresses such important issues as weak domestic demand, lack of export infrastructure, the distance to market, and corruption and red-tape in Central Asian states.

The report contains a wealth of statistical and graphical information, analyzes exports strategies and scenarios, and evaluates implications and opportunities for producers, investors, contractors, suppliers, and importing countries.
Chapter 1. Reserves
1.1 The Central Asian Region -Future source of deliveries to the world gas market
1.2 Current status of geological exploration
1.3 Most promising areas in the CAR
1.4 Geological potential of CAR countries
1.4.1 Azerbaijan
1.4.2 Kazakhstan
1.4.3 Turkmenistan
1.4.4 Uzbekistan

Chapter 2. Production, Processing and Consumption
2.1 Historical overview of CAR gas production
2.2 Main trends in regional gas production, processing and consumption
2.3 Current status of regional gas production, processing and distribution facilities
2.4 Country profiles
2.4.1 Azerbaijan
2.4.2 Kazakhstan
2.4.3 Turkmenistan
2.4.4 Uzbekistan

Chapter 3. Transportation
3.1 History
3.2 Direction of the principle gas flows from Central Asia
Northern Route
Eastern Route
Southern Route
3.3 Trunk pipelines and local grids
3.4 Current state of principal national systems
3.5 Countries
3.5.1 Azerbaijan
3.5.2 Kazakhstan
3.5.3 Turkmenistan
3.5.4 Uzbekistan

Other Central Asian countries

Chapter 4: Future Markets for Central Asian Gas
4.1 Central Asian gas exports to world markets
4. 2 Consumption trends on the target markets
4. 3 Competitiveness of CAR gas
Price considerations
Competitive deliveries
LNG/LPG markets for Central Asian
4.4 Potential markets for Central Asian gas
Western Europe
FSU European countries
China and countries of Asia-Pacific Region

Chapter 5: Gas Export Projects
5.1 Gazprom's Central Asian policy
5.1.1 History of CAR gas exports outside FSU
5.1.2 History of CAR gas exports to the CIS
5.1.3 Gazprom's plans for CAR
5.2 Geopolitical and gas export strategies of Central Asian countries
5.3 Main future gas transportation routes from Central Asia
5.3.1 Through Russia to FSU countries
5.3.2 Through Russia to Europe
5.3.3 Through Turkey to Europe
5.3.4 Through Turkey to the Middle East
5.3.5 Through Iran to the Persian Gulf
5.3.6 Across Afghanistan to Pakistan and India
5.3.7 Across China and the Far East

Chapter 6: New Opportunities for Central Asian Gas Exports
6.1 New political conditions
6.2 New processes on the Asian gas market
6.2.1 Rising LNG demand in Asia
6.2.2 Advantages of extending LNG exports
6.3 New marketing opportunities
6.4 Possible scenarios for the gas industry of CAR countries

Chapter 7. Strategies for Investors, Suppliers and Importers
7.1 Privatization of transportation and distribution systems
7.1.1 The strategy of privatizing CAR gas sector
7.1.2 Case study - Tractebel
7.2 Ownership of new construction
7.3 Upstream development
7.4 Processing
7.5 Consideration for service and equipment suppliers
7.6 Utilizing local capability
7.7 Opportunities for gas traders

Appendix: Contact Details
Figure 1.1 Largest gas-producing nations of the world by proven reserves
Figure 1.2 Proven explored gas reserves of Central Asian countries
Figure 1.3 Location of gas reserves in CAR countries by main gas regions
Figure 1.4 Structure of gas reserves per CAR countries Caspian Region: Structure of gas reserves by countries
Figure 1.5 Forecast of domestic consumption and export potential of the Central Asian countries, 2005-2010
Figure 1.6 Gas resources of Azerbaijan by categories
Figure 1.7 Gas resources in Kazakhstan by categories
Figure 1.8 Gas Production in Kazakhstan by companies, 2002
Figure 1.9 Members of Consortium Agip KCO
Figure 1.10 Gas resources of Turkmenistan by categories
Figure 1.11 Increment of natural gas reserves in Turkmenistan
Figure 1.12 Distribution of possible gas in Turkmenistan by depth
Figure 1.13 Gas resources in Uzbekistan by categories
Figure 1.14 Distribution of gas reserves in Uzbekistan by type of gas fields
Figure 1.15 Distribution of gas reserves by oil and gas bearing provinces in Uzbekistan
Figure 2.1 Cumulative gas production in Central Asian USSR republics, January 1992
Figure 2.2 Gas production in Central Asian countries, 1992-2002
Figure 2.3 CAR plans for gas production and exports in 2002-2010
Figure 2.4 Gas production and consumption in Azerbaijan, 1991-2002
Figure 2.5 Azerbaijan gas production by producer in 2001
Figure 2.6 Shah Deniz consortium membership
Figure 2.7 Projects where gas discovery is possible
Figure 2.8 Kazakhstan E & P gas projects with foreign investment
Figure 2.9 Outline of gas management system used to operate the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Figure 2.10 Kazakhstan gas production and consumption, 1992-2002
Figure 2.11 Kazakhstan natural gas production in 1996-2002 (January-June)
Figure 2.12 Basic expectation of gas production and consumption in Kazakhstan
Figure 2.13 Kazakhstan gas production by company in 2000- 2002
Figure 2.14 Expansion of current and construction of new processing facilities
Figure 2.15 Turkmenistan gas production, consumption and export, 1992-2002
Figure 2.16 Eastern Turkmenistan’s core gas fields
Figure 2.17 Western Turkmenistan’s core gas fields
Figure 2.18 Planned production and export of gas in Turkmenistan
Figure 2.19 Ongoing gas E&P projects with foreign participation
Figure 2.20 Gas production consumption and export in Uzbekistan, 1991-2002
Figure 2.21 Projected Uzbek gas production, consumption and export, 2002-2010
Figure 2.22 Blocks offered by Uzbekistan to foreign investors for E&P projects
Figure 3.1 Average volumes of gas shipped though the main trunk pipelines
Figure 3.2 Specifications of Azerbaijan's gas trunklines
Figure 3.3 Specifications of Kazakhstan's gas trunklines
Figure 3.4 Kazakhstan's underground gas storage facilities
Figure 3.5 Main technical specifications of Turkmenistan's gas pipelines
Figure 3.6 Compressor stations at Turkmenistan's trunklines
Figure 3.7 Compressor units at Uzbekistan's gas trunklines
Figure 4.1 Central Asian Gas reserves as a share of world
Figure 4.2 Natural gas consumption in Asia
Figure 4.3 Cost comparison of Russian and Caspian gas transportation by different routes
Figure 4.4 Breakdown of the world LNG market
Figure 4.5 Demand forecast LNG for Asian countries until 2010
Figure 4.6 Optimistic and pessimistic forecasts of gas consumption in Turkey
Figure 4.7 Turkey’s gas deals
Figure 4.8 Forecast of Chinese gas imports
Figure 5.1 Export of Turkmenistan gas in 1992-2001
Figure 5.2 Export of Natural Gas from Kazakhstan in 2001
Figure 6.1 Gas demand in India
Figure 6.2 Projected LNG demand in Asian countries
Figure 6.3 Liquefied gas production in Turkmenistan
Figure 6.4 CAR expenses on gas delivery to Ukraine
Figure 7.1 Major gas production and transportation projects in Central Asian countries, 2000-200
Figure 7.1a Large projects to modernize upstream and transportation sectors of CAR gas industry in 2000-2002
Figure 7.2 Major planned gas production and transportation upgrade projects in Central Asian countries
Figure 7.3 Plans for developing Uzbekistan's gas industry in 2002-2005
Figure 7.4 Planned investments in oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan
Figure 7.5 Major projects to develop the gas industry of Turkmenistan in 2002-2010
Figure 7.6 Investments in Turkmenistan's oil and gas sector
Figure 7.7 Planned investments in Turkmenistan oil and gas complex in 2002-2010
Figure 7.8 Breakdown of investments in Turkmenistan oil and gas complex in 2002-2010
Figure 7.9 Growth scenario for the service market of the Turkmen gas industry, $US mln until 2020
Figure 7.10 Main types of equipment required for gas projects of foreign investors in Turkmenistan
Figure 7.11 Kazakhstan investments in the oil and gas industry
Figure 7.12 Structure of investments in the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan
Figure 7.13 Major investment projects in Kazakhstan until 2010
Figure 7.14 Uzbekistan manufacturers of equipment for the gas industry
Map 1.1 Possible export routes from Central Asia countries to international markets
Map 1.2 Geological areas of Azerbaijan
Map 1.3 Location of PSA projects in Azerbaijan offshore
Map 1.4 Geological areas of Kazakhstan
Map 1.5 Location of perspective blocks Kazakhstan's section of the Caspian shelf
Map 1.6 Oil and gas fields in Turkmenistan
Map 1.7 Geological zoning of Uzbekistan
Map 3.1 Azerbaijan's gas trunklines
Map 3.2 Kazakhstan's gas trunklines
Map 3.3 Turkmenistan's gas trunklines
Map 3.4 Uzbekistan's gas trunklines
Map 5.1 Some existing and planned gas pipelines from the Caspian region


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