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Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas Upstream 2008
Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas Upstream 2008
Released: November 2008
Language: English
Quanity: 308 pages
Format: book and CD
Delivery: express shipping (2-4 days)
Price: € 3.900
Kazakhstan’s Oil and Gas Upstream 2008 provides the most comprehensive and unique publicly available examination of the country’s exploration and production (E&P) sector, with focus on the upstream operators, projects and the drilling and workover activity.

Kazakhstan’s Oil and Gas Upstream
2008 is designed to serve as an indispensable practical support tool for strategic, investment, business development and marketing decision-making.

The study consists of the following parts:

1. Overview of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry including:
  • upstream
  • transportation and exports
  • downstream and legislation

2. Profiles of 48 operator-companies currently active in Kazakhstan’s upstream with details on:

  • ownership and legal structure
  • key assets: licenses and reserves, field infrastructure
  • current operations: exploration, production, drilling
  • exports and marketing issues
  • contact information

3. Detailed data on drilling and workover activity in Kazakhstan as of autumn 2008:

  • 106 operators
  • 135 fields
  • 60 drilling and workover contractors
  • over 170 rigs

The data has been verified as of September 2008 and is split by:

  • operator
  • field / region
  • drilling / workover contractor
  • rig type
  • well type

Sample drilling/workover profile by operator is available at request.

Kazakhstan’s Oil and Gas Upstream 2008
is an indispensable source of information for:

  • oil and gas companies examining opportunities to build or expand operations in Kazakhstan
  • oilfield service companies
  • equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • investment and finance institutions
  • construction and engineering companies
  • trading companies
  • governmental and international energy bodies
Chapter 1: Overview of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry
1.1 Oil
1.2 Gas
1.3 Oil and gas transportation infrastructure
1.4 Investment climate

Chapter 2: Kazakhstan’s oil and ga companies

2.1 Adai Petroleum Company
2.2 Agip KCO/North Caspian Operating Company B.V.(NCOC)
2.4 Altius Petroleum
2.5 Aral Petroleum Capital LLP
2.6 Arman LLP
2.7 Atash Company LLP
2.8 Block N consortium
2.9 Buzachi Operating Ltd.
2.10 Caspi Meruerty Operating Company B.V.
2.11 Caspi Neft TME
2.12 Caspi Neft JSC
2.13 CentrCaspNeftegas LLC
2.14 CNPC-Aktobemunaigas JSC/CNPC International Aktobe Petroleum
2.15 Emir Oil LLC
2.16 Jupiter Energy Ltd.
2.17 Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO)
2.18 Karakudukmunai LLP
2.19 Karazhanbasmunai JSC
2.20 Kazakhmys PLC/Kazakhmys Petroleum
2.21 KazakhOil - Aktobe LLP
2.22 Kazgermunai JV
2.23 KazKorMunai (South Karpovsky block)
2.24 KazMunaiGas Exploration and Production (KMG E&P)
2.25 Kazpolmunai LLP
2.26 Ken-Sary LLC
2.27 Kurmangazy Petroleum LLP
2.28 Lancaster Petroleum
2.29 Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH
2.30 Mangistaumunaigas JSC
2.31 Matin JV
2.32 Max Petroleum PLC
2.33 North Caspian Petroleum Ltd. (NCPK)
2.34 PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources
2.35 Petrolinvest SA
2.36 Petrom S.A.
2.37 Potential Oil LLP
2.39 Sevkazgra
2.40 Taraz LLP (Caspian Holdings Plc)
2.41 TengizChevroil LLP (TCO)
2.42 Tethys Petroleum Ltd
2.43 Turgai Petroleum JV
2.44 Tyub-Karagan Operating Company B.V.
2.45 Ural Oil and Gas LLP
2.46 Victoria Oil & Gas PLC
2.47 Zhaikmunai LLP
2.48 Zhambai LLP
2.49 Zhambyl Block consortium

Chapter 3: Drilling, rig contactors

3.1 Drilling

Appendix 1
: Table of abbreviations used in the report

Appendix 2: Kazakhstan’s oil production, by producer
Chart 1.1.1 Distribution of oil and condensate reserves by regions (%)
Chart 1.1.2 Oil production in Kazakhstan in 2000-IH2008, MMt
Chart 1.1.3 Kazakhstan’s major oil producers in 2007, MMt
Chart 1.1.4 Cumulative oil production by key players as share of total country production
Chart 1.1.5 NC KMG upstream assets, as of September, 2008
Chart 1.1.6 Major petroleum assets shareholders’ structure
Chart 1.1.7 Primary oil refining in Kazakhstan, MMt
Chart 1.1.8 Kazakhstan’s oil production and export, MMt
Chart 1.1.9 Crude oil distribution in Kazakhstan in 2007, Mt
Chart 1.1.10 Kazakhstan’s oil production in 2007-2015, MMt
Chart 1.1.11 Kazakhstan’s oil production in 2007-2015, bopd
Chart 1.2.1 Kazakhstan’s gas production, Bcm
Chart 1.2.2 Gas production by key players in Kazakhstan in 2007, Bcm
Chart 1.2.3 LPG production in Kazakhstan, Mt
Chart 1.2.4 Liquefied gas consumption, Mt
Chart 1.2.5 Kazakhstan’s gas export, Bcm
Chart 1.2.6 Kazakhstan’s gas balance, bcm
Chart 1.2.6 Forecast of gas production in Kazakhstan, Bcmpa
Chart 1.2.7 Domestic consumption, gas export and import, bcmpa
Chart 1.3.1 CPC ownership structure
Chart 1.4.1 Export duty rates calculation
Chart 2.2.1 Participating interests of Agip KCO/North Caspian Operating Company B.V.,%
Chart 2.3.1 Aksai’s ownership structure
Chart 2.3.2 Tabynai oil production, Mt
Chart 2.4.1 Altius Petroleum oil production, Mt
Chart 2.5.1 Aral Petroleum oil production, Mt
Chart 2.6.1 Arman ownership structure
Chart 2.6.2 Arman oil production, Mt
Chart 2.6.3 Arman gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.7.1 Atash project ownership structure
Chart 2.9.1 Buzachi Operating oil production, Mt
Chart 2.9.2 Buzachi Operating gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.11.1 KaspiNeft TME oil production, Mt
Chart 2.11.2 Caspi Neft TME gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.12.1 Caspi Neft oil production, Mt
Chart 2.12.2 Caspi Neft gas production, Mcm
Chart 2.14.1 CNPC-Aktobemunaigas oil production, Mt
Chart 2.14.2 CNPC-Aktobemunaigas gas production, Mcm
Chart 2.15.1 BMB Munai shareholders structure
Chart 2.17.1 KPO gross production within Phase II and Phase III
Chart 2.17.2 KPO oil and gas condensate production, Mt
Chart 2.17.3 KPO gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.17.4 Karachaganak marketing scheme
Chart 2.17.5 KPO liquid hydrocarbons export, Mt
Chart 2.18.1 Oil production at the Karakuduk field, Mt
Chart 2.18.2 Gas production at the Karakuduk field, MMcm
Chart 2.19.1 Karazhanbasmunai ownership structure
Chart 2.19.2 KBM oil production, Mt
Chart 2.19.3 KBM gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.21.1 LLP Kazakhoil-Aktobe shareholders’ structure
Chart 2.21.2 Kazakhoil-Aktobe oil production, Mt
Chart 2.21.3 KazakhOil-Aktobe gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.22.1 KMG oil production, Mt
Chart 2.22.2 KGM gas production, Mcm
Chart 2.22.3 Forecast of KGM’s oil production, Mbopd
Chart 2.22.4 KGM capital expenditures, million $
Chart 2.24.1 NC KMG Organizational Structure
Chart 2.24.2 Distribution of 2P oil reserves by KMG EP subsidiaries,%
Chart 2.24.3 KMG EP exploration targets
Chart 2.24.4 UMG and EMG oil production, Mt
Chart 2.24.5 UMG and EMG gas production, Mcm
Chart 2.24.6 Capital expenditures, $ mln
Chart 2.24.7 Distributin of crude oil deliveries between domestic and export markets (by export routs), Mbopd
Chart 2.25.1 KPM oil production, Mt
Chart 2.25.2 TNG oil/gas condensate production, Mt
Chart 2.25.3 TNG gas production, Mcm
Chart 2.28.1 Lancaster Petroleum oil production, Mt
Chart 2.29.1 Maersk oil production*, Mt
Chart 2.29.2 Maersk gas production*, MMcm
Chart 2.30.1 MMG oil production, Mt
Chart 2.30.2 MMG gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.30.3 MMG oil export, Mt
Chart 2.31.1 Matin oil production, Mt
Chart 2.31.2 Matin gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.31.3 Matin oil export , Mt
Chart 2.33.1 Alacol block ownership structure
Chart 2.34.1 PKKR ownership structure
Chart 2.34.2 PKKR oil production, Mt
Chart 2.34.3 PKKR gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.35.1 Petrolinvest S.A. ownership structure (currently in transition)
Chart 2.35.2 Petrolinvest subsidiaries in Kazakhstan
Chart 2.35.3 Petrolinvest reserves/resources
Chart 2.36.1 TOC oil production, Mt
Chart 2.36.2 TOC gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.37.1 Potential Oil ownership structure
Chart 2.37.2 Potential Oil oil production, Mt
Chart 2.38.1 Roxi Petroleum Group structure
Chart 2.38.2 Roxi Petroleum 2008 work program
Chart 2.40.1 Taraz oil production, Mt
Chart 2.41.1 TCO ownership structure
Chart 2.41.2 TCO oil production, Mt
Chart 2.41.3 TCO gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.41.4 TCO production and sales of sulfur, year-by-year, MMt
Chart 2.42.1 Tethys gas production: January-August 2008, MMcm
Chart 2.43.1 Turgai Pretroleum oil production, Mt
Chart 2.43.2 Turgai Pretroleum gas production, MMcm
Chart 2.44.1 Tyub-Karagan project ownership structure
Chart 2.47.1 Wells drilled at the Chinarevskoye field
Chart 2.47.2 Zhaikmunai oil production in 2002- IH2008, Mt
Chart 2.48.4 Zhaikmunai’s drilling program: 2008-2018, number of wells
Chart 2.48.5 Expected oil and gas condensate production, bopd
Chart 2.48.6 Expected dry gas production, Mcm
Chart 2.48.7 Expected LPG production, Mt
Chart 3.1.1 Exploration and production drilling in Kazakhstan in 2005-IH2008
Table 1.1.1 Proved reserves of oil and gas condensate at the largest fields of Kazakhstan, as of the end of 2007
Table 1.1.2 Kazakhstan’s oil refining capacity
Table 1.1.3 Base petroleum products output in Kazakhstan, MMt
Table 1.2.1 Kazakhstan’s fields with gas reserves, classified by type
Table 1.2.2 The fields with the largest gas reserves
Table 1.2.3 Kazakhstan’s gas processing capacity (as of September 2008)
Table 1.2.4 Supplies of Karachaganak gas to the Orenburg GPP, bcm
Table 1.2.5 Anticipated production of commodity gas in Kazakhstan, by producer
Table 1.3.1 The throughput capacity of main oil export routs and actual oil export flows in 2007
Table 1.3.2 Kazakhstan’s planned export capacity and export potential in 2015
Table 1.3.3 Main technical characteristics of existing transit pipelines
Table 2.1.1 Aday block prospective resources
Table 2.1.2 Exploration activates at the Adai block
Table 2.1.3 Adai block pilot oil production
Table 2.2.1 The Kashagan project key production parameters
Table 2.2.2 Development plan changes
Table 2.4.1 Altius Petroleum oil reserves
Table 2.4.2 Altius Petroleum work commitments, ‘000 $
Table 2.4.3 Estimated oil production for 2008
Table 2.5.1 Aral Petroleum oil reserves, Mbbls
Table 2.5.2 Aral Petroleum exploration activities
Table 2.5.3 Aral Petroleum capital expenditures, million $
Table 2.9.1 Oil and gas reserves at the contract territory of the North Buzachi field
Table 2.11.1 Caspi Neft TME net proved oil reserves, as of December 31, 2007
Table 2.11.2 Wells stock at the South Alibek field (as of the end of the year)
Table 2.11.2 Caspi Neft TME drilling program
Table 2.12.1 Planned drilling works at the Airankol field in 2008
Table 2.15.1 Emir Oil’s oil and gas reserves (as of March 31, 2008)
Table 2.15.2 Emir Oil investments, $
Table 2.17.1 Karachaganak field hydrocarbon reserves
Table 2.18.1 Karakuduk field oil reserves
Table 2.19.1 Well stock at the Karazhanbas field
Table 2.21.1 Oil reserves at the Alibekmola and Kozhasai fields
Table 2.22.1 KGM oil and gas reserves* (as of September 30, 2006)
Table 2.24.1 KMG EP oil reserves
Table 2.24.2 KMG EP oil reserves, by field (as of December 31, 2007)
Table 2.24.3 KMG EP exploration activities
Table 2.24.4 Profitability of crude oil exports (by different routs) compared with domestic supplies
Table 2.25.1 Total Borankol and Tolkyn field reserves
Table 2.25.2 Total Borankol Field
Table 2.25.3 Total Tolkyn Field (Non-LPG)
Table 2.27.1. Exploration activities at the Kurmangazy structure
Table 2.28.1 Kokzhide and Kumsai oil reserves
Table 2.28.2 Lancaster Petroleum drilling activities
Table 2.34.1 PKKR licenses
Table 2.34.2 PKKR oil reserves
Table 2.35.1 Petrolinvest licenses/contracts
Table 2.35.2 Zhubatan reserves estimate, as of September 30, 2007
Table 2.35.3 Emba contract prospective resources
Table 2.35.4 OTG prospective resources: crude oil (MMbbl)
Table 2.35.5 OTG prospective resources: condensate (MMbbl)
Table 2.35.6 OTG prospective resources: natural gas (Bcf)
Table 2.35.7 The Tyubezhik contingent resources: crude oil (Mbbl)
Table 2.35.8 Zhangurshi contingent resources: crude oil (Mbbl)
Table 2.35.9 Combined reserves for Aktau Transit
Table 2.37.1 Potential Oil oil reserves
Table 2.37.2 Potential Oil operational activities
Table 2.37.3 Potential Oil Drilling program 2008
Table 2.38.1 Ravninnoye contract area
Table 2.38.2 Beibars contract area
Table 2.38.3 North Karamandybas contract area
Table 2.38.4 Munaily contract area
Table 2.38.5 Galaz Contract Area
Table 2.38.6 BNG contract area
Table 2.38.7 Ada Oil contract area: West Zhanazhol
Table 2.38.8 Ada contract area: Egizkara
Table 2.40.1 The Zhengely oil characteristics
Table 2.41.1 TCO oil and gas reserves
Table 2.42.1 The Kyzyloi and Akkulka fields gas reserves, Bcf
Table 2.43.1 Turgai Petroleum hydrocarbon reserves at the contract territory of the Kumkol field
Table 2.47.1 The Chinarevskoye liquids and gas reserves
Table 2.47.2 Accessible transportation facilities
Table 2.47.3 Zaikminai’s capital expenditures
Table 3.2.1 Rig contractors (as of October 2008)
Table 3.2.2 Drilling activities, by contractor and operator (as of October 2008)
Map 1.3 Kazakhstan oil export routs
Map 1.3.2 Gas transportation infrastructure of Kazakhstan
Map 2.2.1 Consortium license territory
Map 2.3.1 Aksai LLP business operations area
Map 2.4.1 Altius Petroleum transportation route
Map 2.5.1 North ( Severny) block location
Map 2.6.1 The Arman field
Map 2.7.1 The Atash block
Map 2.9.1 North Buzachi Operating contract territory
Map 2.11.1 South Alibek field
Map 2.12.1 Airankol field
Map 2.14.1 Kenkiyak and Zhanazhol fields
Map 2.15.1 Emir Oil contract area
Map 2.16.1 Position of Block 31 (prospect area) in relation to other oil fields in the Mangystau Basin
Map 2.16.2 Akhar North and NWZ location
Map 2.17.1 Karachaganak Petroleum Operating business area
Map 2.17.2 Karachaganak Field and Facilities
Map 2.18.1 Karakudukmunai business operations area
Map 2.19.1 Karazhanbasmunai business area
Map 2.20.1 East Akzhar block
Map 2.21.1 KazakhOil – Aktobe operations area
Map 2.22.1 KGM fields
Map 2.22.2 KGM oil transportation scheme
Map 2.23.1 South Karpovsky block
Map 2.24.1 KazMunaiGas EP fields
Map 2.24.2 Embamunaigas fields
Map 2.24.3 KMG EP exploration blocks
Map 2.24.4 KMG EP existing assets and acquisitions targets
Map 2.25.1 Kazpolmunai and Tolkynneftegaz operations area
Map.2.26.1 The Arystanov field
Map 2.27.1 The Kurmangazy structure
Map 2.28.1 Lancaster petroleum business operations area in Aktobe region
Map 2.28.2 North (Severny) Karpovskiy block (KS License)
Map 2.29.1 The Saigak field area
Map 2.29.2 The Dunga field area
Map 2.30.1 MMG major fields
Map 2.31.1 Matin field
Map 2.32.1 Max Petroleum license areas
Map 2.33.1 The Alacol block
Map 2.34.1 Petrokazakhstan operations area and fully owned fields
Map 2.35.1 Petrolinvest license/contract Areas
Map 2.35.2 OTG contract area
Map 2.35.3 The Profit contracr area
Map 2.35.4 The Tyubezhic contract area
Map 2.36.1 Tasbulat Oil Corporation operations area
Map 2.36.2 KomMunai operations area
Map 2.37.1 Potential Oil business operations area
Map 2.38.1 Roxi petroleum assets
Map 2.38.2. North Karamandybas field
Map 2.38.3 BNG contract area
Map 2.38.4 ADA Oil contract area
Map 2.38.5 ADA contract area
Map 2.39.1 Sevkazgra license block
Map 2.40.1 Taraz LLP business area
Map 2.41.1 Tengiz Field
Map 2.42.1 Tethys’s license/contract areas
Map 2.43.1 The Kumkol field
Map 2.44.1 The Tyub-Karagan block
Map 2.45.1 The Fedorovsky block
Map 2.46.1 VOG business area
Map 2.47.1 Zhaikmunai business area
Map 2.48.1 Zhambai South and South Zaburunye blocks
Map 2.49.1 Zhambyl block consortium area


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