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Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas Upstream
Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas Upstream
Released: March 2013
Language: English
Quanity: 372 pages
Format: book and CD
Delivery: express shipping (2-4 days)
Price: € 3.900
1 EUR = 50 RUB
Price in rubles - 195 000 RUB

This is a report on petroleum exploration and production in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the companies engaged in that work. It provides comprehensive, practical information from contact details and historical performance of the companies to forecasts of drilling, production, and hydrocarbon exports for Kazakhstan as a whole.

Kazakhstan’s Oil and Gas Upstream 2013 is the latest in annual reports based on RPIs many years of extensive experience and expertise monitoring and evaluating the regions petroleum industry. We have updated and released reports annually for six years. Like earlier reports, this 2013 issue provides insights into Kazakhstans current petroleum market as well as areas of growth and contraction and their extent. The report forecasts production, exports, and development drilling in Kazakhstan, presenting over 50 maps with license blocks, proximity, and access to the oil and gas pipeline system operated by the Kazakh Committee for Geology and Subsoil Protection.

This new report offers detailed statistics on oil and gas exports by destination market, with data from 2011 and 2012 and brief forecasts for 2013-2020.

This report bases assumptions and projections of scenarios on indepth analysis of proprietary information.

Key sections of the report address the following:
  • Kazakhstans petroleum market: production, refining, internal consumption, export, industry trends, and forecasts
  • The oil and gas pipeline system: condition, usage rates, and expansion projects
  • Investment climate in Kazakhstan: regulations, risks, and prospects for industry participants
  • Profiles of the 50 production companies operating in Kazakhstan: licenses, reserves, access to oil and gas infrastructure, production and export data, political and economic factors impinging on or promoting a companys growth
  • Kazakhstans exploration and production drilling: scope of drilling, major customers and contractors, and forecasts of drilling to 2020
  • The study is indispensable for those evaluating opportunities to build or expand operations in Kazakhstan:
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Oilfield service companies
  • Equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Investment and financial institutions
  • Construction and engineering companies
  • Trading companies
  • Governmental and international energy bodies
This product is an important tool
  • For strategic decision-making by companies seeking to grow their businesses in Kazakhstan
  • For managerial decision-making by companies already present in Kazakhstan
  • For other disciplines seeking comprehensive, reliable information on Kazakhstans petroleum sector
  • The study outlines the main trends in Kazakhstans upstream sector in the period through 2020.
Chapter 1: Overview of Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Industry

1.1 Oil
  • Oil reserves and resources reserves
  • Oil production
  • Oil refining
  • Oil exports
  • Oil production outlook
  • Export potential
1.2 Gas
  • Gas reserves and resources
  • Gas production
  • Gas processing capacity
  • Gas consumption
  • Gas utilization
  • Gas export
  • Gas production outlook
  • Outlook for gas consumption, gas exports
1.3 Oil and gas transportation infrastructure
  • Oil transportation infrastructure
  • Outlook for development of export capacities
  • Gas transportation infrastructure
  • Key transport infrastructure projects
1.4 Investment Climate
  • Legislation
  • Taxation of subsoil users
  • Risks
Chapter 2: Kazakhstan’s oil and gas companies

2.1. Aksai LLP JV
2.2. Altius Petroleum
2.4. Aral Petroleum Capital LLP
2.5. Arman LLP
2.6. Atyraumunaigas
2.7. Block N Consortium
2.8. Buzachi Operating Ltd.
2.9. Caspi Meruerty Operating Company B.V.
2.10. CNPC-Ai-Dan-Munai
2.11. CNPC-Aktobemunaigas JSC
2.12. Condor Petroleum Inc
2.13. Emir Oil LLC
2.14. Jupiter Energy Ltd.
2.15. Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO)
2.16. Karakudukmunai LLP
2.17. Karazhanbasmunai JSC (CCEL)
2.18. Kazakhmys Petroleum
2.19. Kazakhoil-Aktobe LLP
2.20. Kazgermunai JV
2.21. KazKorMunai LLP (South Karpovsky block)
2.22. KazMunaiGas Exploration and Production (KMG EP)
2.23. Kazpetrol Group LLP
2.24. Kazpolmunai LLP and Tolkynneftegas LLP
2.25. Ken-Sary LLP
2.26. KMK Munai (former Lancaster Petroleum) JSC
2.27. KuatAmlonMunai JV (KAM)
2.28. Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH
2.29. Maten Petroleum
2.30. Max Petroleum PLC
2.31. Meerbusch LLP
2.32. Mangistaumunaigas JV
2.33. MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc.
2.34. North Caspian Operating Company B.V. (NCOC)
2.35. North Caspian Petroleum Ltd.
2.37. Petrom S.A.
2.38. PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC
2.39. Potential Oil
2.40. Roxi Petroleum PLC
2.41. Sagiz Petroleum Co
2.42. Saigak Kazakhstan B.V.
2.43. Sauts-Oil LLP
2.44. Tengizchevroil JV (TCO)
2.45. Tethys Petroleum Ltd. (TPL)
2.46. Turgai Petroleum CJSC
2.47. Urikhtau Operating LLP
2.48. Zhaikmunai LLP
2.49. Zhalgiztobemunai LLP
2.50. Zhambyl Petroleum LLP

Chapter 3: Drilling Market in Kazakhstan

3.1 Production drilling
3.2 Exploration drilling
3.3 Contractors
3.4 Drilling market prospects in Kazakhstan

APPENDIX 1: Maps of licensed deposits and blocks of hydrocarbon
  • West-Kazakhstan province
  • Aktobe province
  • Atyrau province
  • Mangistau province
  • Kostanai province
  • Kyzylorda province
  • Karaganda province
  • Zhambyl province
  • Almaty province
  • East-Kazakhstan province
  • South-Kazakhstan province
  • APPENDIX 2: Maps of main pipelines
  • West-Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Aktyubinsk provinces
  • Mangistau province
  • Kostanai, North-Kazakhstan, Akmolinsk, Karaganda provinces
  • Kyzylorda, South-Kazakhstan, Zhambyl province
  • Almaty province
  • Pavlodar, East-Kazakhstan provinces
APPENDIX 3: Table of abbreviations used in the report

APPENDIX 4: Comparative Classification of Hydrocarbon Reserves/Resources
Figure 1.1 Distribution of oil and condensate reserves by regions (%)*
Figure 1.2 Oil production in Kazakhstan in 2001-2012, MMtpa
Figure 1.3 Oil production in Kazakhstan by regions 2012, %
Figure 1.4 Kazakhstan's major oil producers in 2010-2012, MMt
Figure 1.5 NC KMG upstream assets, as of beginning of 2013
Figure 1.6. Major producing petroleum assets shareholders' structure
Figure 1.7 Primary oil refining in Kazakhstan, MMt
Figure 1.8 Kazakhstan's oil production and exports, MMt
Figure 1.9 Kazakhstan's oil exports by major producers in 2011-2012, MMt
Figure 1.10 Kazakhstan's oil production in 2013-2022, MMt
Figure 1.11 Kazakhstan's oil production in 2013-2022, million barrels per day
Figure 1.12. Kazakhstan's oil export in 2013-2022, MMt
Figure 1.13 Kazakhstan's gas production, bcm
Figure 1.14. LPG production, thousand tons
Figure 1.15 Gas consumption in Kazakhstan
Figure 1.16 Gas being burnt in flares in Kazakhstan in 2006-2012, bcm
Figure 1.17 Kazakhstan's gas exports in 2002-2012, bcm
Figure 1.18 Kazakhstan’s gas export by major producers in 2012, bcm
Figure 1.19 Supplies of Karachaganak gas to the Orenburg GPP, bcm
Figure 1.20 Forecast of gas production in Kazakhstan in 2013-2022, bcm
Figure 1.21 CPC ownership structure
Figure 1.22 The scope of gas in transit through Kazakhstan in 2001-2012, Bcm
Figure 2.1.1.Tabynai production drilling, meters
Figure 2.1.2.Tabynai oil production, Mt
Figure 2.2.1 Altius Petroleum oil production, Mt
Figure 2.3.1 ANACO oil production, Mt
Figure 2.4.1 Aral Petroleum sharefolders structure
Figure 2.4.1 Aral Petroleum Capital oil production, Mt
Figure 2.4.2. Aral Petroleum Capital associated gas production, Mcm
Figure 2.5.1 Arman oil production, Mt
Figure 2.5.2 Arman gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.8.1 Buzachi Operating oil production, Mt
Figure 2.8.2 Buzachi Operating gas production, MMcm
Figure 2. 10.1 NPC-Ai-Dan Munai oil production, Mt
Figure 2.10.2 NPC-Ai-Dan Munai gas production, Mt
Figure 2.11.1 CNPC-AMG oil production in 2001-2012, MMt
Figure 2.11.2 CNPC-Aktobemunaigas gas production in 2001-2012, MMcm
Figure 2.13.1 Emir Oils drilling activities, meters
Figure 2.13.2 Emir Oils oil production, Mt
Figure 2.13.3. Emir Oils gas production, Mcm
Figure 2.14.1. Jupiter Energys drilling activities, meters
Figure 2.15.1 Karachaganak field and facilities
Figure 2.15.2. KPO production drilling, thousand m
Figure 2.15.3 KPO oil and gas condensate production, Mt
Figure 2.15.4 KPO gas production, Mcm
Figure 2.15.5 Karachaganak marketing scheme, 2012
Figure 2.16.1 Oil production at the Karakuduk field, Mt
Figure 2.16.2 Gas production at the Karakuduk field, MMcm
Figure 2.17.1 Karazhanbasmunai ownership structure
Figure 2.17.2 Karazhanbasmunai oil production, Mt
Figure 2.17.3 Karazhanbasmunai gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.18.1 Kazakhmys Petroleum oil production in 2010-2012, Mt
Figure 2.18.2. Kazakhmys Petroleum gas production in 2010-2012, MMcm
Figure 2.19.1 Kazakhoil-Aktobe shareholders structure
Figure 2.19.2 Kazakhoil-Aktobe oil production, Mt
Figure 2.19.3 Kazakhoil-Aktobe gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.20.1 KGM oil production, Mt
Figure 2.20.2 KGM gas production, MMcm
Figure 2. 22.1 NC KMG upstream assets, as of December, 2012
Figure 2.22.2 UMG and EMG oil production, Mt
Figure 2.22.3 UMG and EMG gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.23.1 Kazpetrol Group LLP, oil and condensate production, Mt
Figure 2.23.2 Kazpetrol Group LLP, gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.24.1 KPM liquids production, Mt
Figure 2.24.2 TNG oil/gas condensate production, Mt
Figure 2.24.3 TNG gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.25.1 Ken-Sary LLP, oil production, Mt
Figure 2.25.2 Ken-Sary LLP, oil export, Mt
Figure 2.26.1 KMK Munai oil production, Mt
Figure 2.27.1 KAM oil production, Mt
Figure 2.27.2 KAM gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.27.3 KAM oil export, Mt
Figure 2.28.1 Maersk oil production, Mt
Figure 2.28.2 Maersk Oil gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.29.1 Maten Petroleum oil production, Mt
Figure 2.29.2 Maten Petroleum gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.30.1 Max Petroleum oil production, Mt
Figure 2.31.1 Meerbusch oil and gas production in 2011-2012
Figure 2.32.1 MMG oil production, Mt
Figure 2.32.2 MMG gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.36.1 PETROLINVEST Group structure
Figure 2.37.1 oil production, Mt
Figure 2.37.2 TOC gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.37.3 KomMunai oil production, Mt
Figure 2.37.4 KomMunai gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.38.1. PKKR ownership structure
Figure 2.38.2 PKKR oil production, Mt
Figure 2.38.3 PKKR gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.39.1 Potential Oil ownership structure
Figure 2.39.2 Potential Oil production, Mt
Figure 2.41.1 Sagiz Petroleum, Oil production, Mt
Figure 2.42.1 Oil production at Saigak field , Mt
Figure 2.43.1 Sauts Oil oil production, Mt
Figure 2.43.2 Sauts Oil gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.44.1 TCO ownership structure
Figure 2.44.2 TCO oil production, Mt
Figure 2.44.3 TCO gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.45.1 Tethys gas production: MMcm
Figure 2.46.1 Turgai Pretroleum oil production, Mt
Figure 2.46.2 Turgai Pretroleum gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.48.1 Zhaikmunai oil production, Mt
Figure 2.48.2 Zhaikmunai gas production, MMcm
Figure 2.49.1 Zhalgiztobemunai oil production, Mt
Figure 3.1 Production drilling dynamics in Kazakhstan in 2005-2012, thousand meters
Figure 3.2 Production drilling in Kazakhstan in 2011-2012, by region, %
Figure 3.3 Exploration drilling dynamics in Kazakhstan in 2005-2012, thousand meters
Figure 3.4 Exploration drilling in Kazakhstan in 2011-2012, by region, %
Figure 3.5 Drilling market dynamics in Kazakhstan in 2013-2022, thousand meters
Table 1.1 Proved reserves of oil and gas condensate at the largest fields of Kazakhstan
Table 1.2 Projects under way on Kazakhstan’s Caspian shelf
Table 1.3 Reserves of Northern Caspian project
Table 1.4 Cumulative oil production by key players and their shares of total country production (%), as of the end of each year
Table 1.5 Kazakhstan's oil refining capacity
Table 1.6. Kazakhstan's production of oil products in 2010-2012, MMt
Table 1.7 Kazakhstan's plans for developing oil refining
Table 1.8 Crude oil distributions in Kazakhstan in 2010-2012, MMt
Table 1.9 Kazakhstan's fields with gas reserves, classified by type
Table 1.10. The fields with the largest gas reserves
Table 1.11 Gas production by key players in Kazakhstan in 2011-2012, bcm
Table 1.12 Kazakhstan's gas processing capacity
Table 1.13. Gas balance in Kazakhstan in 2010-2015, bcm
Table 1.14 The throughput capacity of main oil export routs and actual oil export flows in 2010-2012
Table 1.15 Kazakhstan's export capacity and export potential in 2015-2020
Table 2.2.1 Altius Petroleum oil reserves, by field, as of the end of 2008
Table 2.2.2 Drilling activities at Altius Petroleum contract areas, 2011-2012, meters
Table 2.2.3 Altius Petroleums exports, 2011-2012, Mt
Table 2.3.1 Oil reserves at the Kyrykmyltyk field
Table 2.3.2 Production drilling at the Kyrykmyltyk field, meters
Table 2.3.3 ANACO: performance in 2002-2012
Table 2.3.4. ANACO oil and condensate exports, 2011-2012
Table 2.4.1. Exploration drilling Aral Petroleum Capital LLP
Table 2.4.2. Aral Petroleum Capitals exports routs, 2011-2012
Table 2.5.1 Arman field reserves, as of December 31, 2011
Table 2.5.2. Armans oil and condensate exports routs, thousand tons, 2011-2012
Table 2.8.1 Characteristics of North Buzachi oil
Table 2.8.2 Oil reserves at North Buzachi field
Table 2.8.3 Production drilling at the North Buzachi field, meters, 2006-2012
Table 2.8.4 Buzachi Operating Ltd. oil exports by main directions in 2011-2012, thousand tons
Table 2.10.1 Drilling activities at NPC-Ai-Dan Munai contract areas in 2010-2012, thousand meters
Table 2.10.2. NPC-Ai-Dan Munais oil and condensate exports, 2011-2012
Table 2.11.1 CNPC-Aktobemunaigas hydrocarbon reserves, as of April 2009
Table 2.11.2 Major projects in 2005-2013
Table 2.11.3 CNPC-AMG drilling volume in 2010-2012, thousand m.
Table 2.11.4 CNPC-AMG 2011-2012 oil exports by directions, Mt
Table 2.12.1 Condor Petroleum, oil and gas resources
Table 2.13.1 Emir Oil LLC fields and structures
Table 2.13.2 Emir Oils reserves
Table 2.13.3 Drilling in 2012 by Emir Oil, meters
Table 2.13.4. Emir oils oil and condensate exports, 2011-2012
Table 2.14.1 Jupiter Energy resource base
Table 2.15.1 The Karachaganak field hydrocarbon reserves
Table 2.15.2 KPO export, 2011-2012
Table 2.16.1 Characteristics of Karakuduk oil
Table 2.16.2 Karakuduk field oil reserves
Table 2.16.3 Production drilling, new wells commissioned and the well stock at the Karakuduk field
Table 2.16.4 Karakudukmunai JV export by directions
Table 2.17.1 Characteristics of Karazhanbas oil
Table 2.17.2 Karazhanbasmunais production drilling scope by drilling contractors in 2010-2012, thousand meters
Table 2.17.3. Karazhanbasmunais oil and condensate exports, Mt, 2011-2012
Table 2.18.1. Drilling at the Akzhar East field
Table 2.19.1 Oil and gas reserves at the Alibekmola and Kozhasai fields, as of December 31, 2011
Table 2.19.2 Commissioning of new wells at the Alibekmola and Kozhasai fields
Table 2.19.3 Kazakhoil-Aktobe oil exports, Mt
Table 2.20.1 KGM proved oil reserves, as of March 31, 2009
Table 2.20.2 KGM contingent reserves, as of March 31, 2009
Table 2.20.3 Exploration and production drilling/workover at KGM fields in 2009-2012
Table 2.20.4 Oil Exports of KGM, 2011-2012, Mt
Table 2.22.1 Key data
Table 2.22.2 EMG major producing fields
Table 2.22.3 KMG EP exploration targets
Table 2.22.4 KMG EP oil reserves, by fields (as of December 31, 2009)
Table 2.22.5 Drilling Scope, KMG Exploration Production in 2011-2012, thousand meters per year
Table 2.22.6 KMG EP export sales of crude oil in 2011-2012, by routs, Mt
Table 2.23.1 Kazpetrol Group LLP, production and exploration drilling
Table 2.24.1 Borankol and Tolkyn fields reserves, as of January 1, 2009
Table 2.24.2 Borankol field reserves, as of January 1,2009
Table 2.24.3 Tolkyn field reserves (Non-LPG), as of January 1, 2009
Table 2.24.4 KPM and TNG, development drilling, 2009-2012
Table 2.25.1 Oil reserves at the Arystanov field
Table 2.25.2 Ken-Sary LLP, production and exploration drilling, m
Table 2.26.1 Munai drilling
Table 2.26.2 KMK Munai oil export, Mt
Table 2.27.1 Drilling Volume at the KAM fields in 2010-2012, thousand meters
Table 2.28.1 Maersk Oil Kazakhstan, production drilling at Dunga field, 2009-2012
Table 2.29.1 Maten Petroleum oil fields reserves
Table 2.29.2 Drilling activities at Maten Petroleum contract area in 2011-2012, meters
Table 2.30.1 Max Petroleum, reserves and resources
Table 2.30.2 Max Petroleum, production and exploration drilling
Table 2.31.1 Hydrocarbon reserves at the Kulzhan field
Table 2.31.2 Meerbusch production and exploration drilling
Table 2.32.1 MMG assets
Table 2.32.2 MMG production and exploration drilling in 2011-2012, meters
Table 2.32.3 MMG oil export in 2011-2012, Mt
Table 2.34.1 Participating interests of North Caspian Operating Company B.V.
Table 2.34.2 Reserves of Northern Caspian project
Table 2.34.3 Planned offshore production infrastructure at Kashagan
Table 2.34.4 The Kashagan project key production parameters
Table 2.35.1 NCPL prospective resources
Table 2.36.1 OTG Contract prospective resources, as of October, 2011
Table 2.36.2 Zhubatam reserves estimate, as of June 30, 2009, Mboe
Table 2.36.3 Emba Contract prospective resources (Gross), as of June 30, 2009
Table 2.36.4 Profit prospective resources (Gross), as of June 30, 2009
Table 2.36.5 Tyubezhik contingent resources: crude oil (Mbbl)
Table 2.36.6 Zhangurshi contingent resources: crude oil (MMbbl), as of June 30, 2009
Table 2.37.1 Petrom S.A. Kazakhstan proved reserves as of December 31, 2011
Table 2.37.2 Petrom S.A. Kazakhstan production drilling, 2009-2012, meters
Table 2.37.3 Petrom S.A. Kazakhstan exports, 2011-2012, Mt
Table 2.38.1 PKKR licenses
Table 2.38.2 PKKR oil reserves, as of March 31, 2009
Table 2.38.3 Drilling at PKKR fields in 2011-2012
Table 2.38.4. PKKR oil export in 2011-2012, Mt
Table 2.39.1 Potential Oil production forecast in 2013-2020, Mt
Table 2.39.2 Potential Oil export in 2011-2012, Mt
Table 2.40.1 Roxi Petroleum's assets in Kazakhstan
Table 2.40.2 Roxi Petroleum's reserves/resources, 2011
Table 2.41.1 Sagiz Petroleum, production and exploration drilling, 2009-2012, meters
Table 2.41.2 Sagiz Petroleum, production and exploration drilling by key fields in 2012, meters
Table 2.42.1 Hydrocarbon reserves of the Saigak field, as of December 31, 2008
Table 2.43.1 Oil and gas assets of Sauts-Oil in Kazakhstan
Table 2.43.2 Sauts Oil, production and exploration drilling
Table 2.43.3. Oil and condensate exports by Sauts-Oil, thousand tons , 2011-2012
Table 2.44.1 TCO oil reserves
Table 2.44.2 TCO oil export, Mt
Table 2.45.1 Tethys Petroleum Ltd., overview of Land Holdings
Table 2.45.2 Tethys Petroleum oil and gas reserves in Kazakhstan (as of March 21, 2012)
Table 2.45.3 Tethys Petroleum Ltd., exploration and production drilling
Table 2.46.1 Characteristics of Kumkol oil
Table 2.46.2 Turgai Petroleum hydrocarbon reserves at the contract territory of the Kumkol field
Table 2.46.3 Turgai Petroleum CJSC production drilling, m
Table 2.46.4 Turgai Petroleum JV Oil Exports by Main Directions, Mt
Table 2.47.1 Urikhtau Operating drilling, m
Table 2.48.1 Chinarevskoye field hydrocarbon reserves, as of July 1, 2009
Table 2.48.2 Drilling at the Chingarevskoye field
Table 2.48.3 Zhaikmunai Oil and Gas export
Table 2.49.1 Oil reserves at the Zhalgiztobe field, Mt
Table 2.49.2 Zhalgiztobe, production drilling, m, 2009-2012
Table 2.49.3 Zhalgiztobe oil export, Mt
Table 3.1 Production drilling in Kazakhstan 2009-2012 by customer, thousand meters
Table 3.2 Exploration drilling in Kazakhstan 2009-2012 by customer, thousand meters
Table 3.3 Market shares of major drilling contractors in Kazakhstan in 2012, by drilling metrage (%)
Table 3.4 Production drilling market shares of the largest drilling companies in Kazakhstan in 2012, by drilling meterage (%)
Table 3.5 Exploration drilling market shares of the largest drilling companies in 2012, by meterage (%)
Map 1.1 Existing oil and gas transportation infrastructure of Kazakhstan
Map 2.1.1.Aksai business operations area
Map 2.2.1 Altius Petroleum contract areas
Map 2.2.2 Altius Petroleum contract areas
Map 2.3.1 The Kyrykmyltyk field
Map 2.4.1 North (Severny) Block
Map.2.4.2 North block fields location
Map 2.5.1 Arman field
Map 2.6.1 Makhambet and Bobek sites
Map 2.7.1 Block N location
Map 2.8.1 North Buzachi field location
Map 2.9.1 Zhemchuzhiny (Pearls) Block
Map 2.10.1 NPC-Ai-Dan-Munai contract areas
Map 2. 11.1 CNPC-AMG fields
Map 2.12.1 Condor Petroleum Contract areas
Map 2.12.2 Zharkamys West 1 and Surrounding Fields
Map 2.13.1 Emir Oil Contract areas
Map 2.14.1 Jupiter Energy license area
Map 2.15.1 Karachaganak Petroleum Operating business area
Map 2.16.1 Karakuduk field
Map 2.17.1. Karazhanbasmunai business area
Map 2.18.1 East Akzhar block location
Map 2.19.1 Kazakhoil–Aktobe business operations area
Map 2.20.1 KGM fields
Map 2.21.1 South Karpovsky block
Map 2.22.1 KMG EP fields
Map 2.22.2 KMG EP exploration blocks
Map 2.23.1.Kazpetrol Group LLP business area
Map 2.24.1 Kazpolmunai and Tolkynneftegas operations area
Map 2.25.1 Ken-Sary business operations area
Map 2.26.1 Kokzhide, Kumsai and Mortuk license areas
Map 2.27.1 KAM business operations area
Map 2.28.1 Dunga field location
Map 2.29.1. Maten Petroleum field
Map 2.30.1 Max Petroleum license areas
Map 2.31.1 Kulzhan field location
Map 2.32.1 MMG major fields
Map 2.33.1 North Karpovsky block
Map 2.34.1 NCOC business operation area
Map 2.35.1 The Alacol block location
Map 2.35.2 Leads and prospects identified within the Alakol block
Map 2.36.1 PETROLINVEST Group assets in Kazakhstan
Map 2.36.2 The Profit Contract area
Map 2.37.1 Petrom business operations areas
Map 2.38.1 PKKR business operations area
Map 2.38.2 PKKR transportation options
Map 2.39.1 Potential Oil business operations area
Map 2.40.1 Roxi Petroleum's assets in Kazakhstan
Map 2.41.1. Sagiz Petroleum business area
Map 2.42.1 Saigak field location
Map 2.43.1.Sauts-Oil business area
Map 2.44.1 Tengiz field location
Map. 2.45.1 Tethys's License/Contract Areas
Map 2.46.1 Turgai Petroleum business area
Map 2.47.1 Urikhtau Operating business area
Map 2.48.1 Zhaikmunai business area
Map 2.49.1 Zhalgiztobemunai field
Map 2.50.1 Zhambyl block consortium contract area


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