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The Future of Oil and Gas in the Russian Far East
The Future of Oil and Gas in the Russian Far East
Released: November 2002
Language: English
Quanity: 129 pages
Format: book and CD
Delivery: express shipping (2-4 days)
Price: € 400
The Future of Oil and Gas in the Russian Far East report addresses the principal issues facing foreign energy companies and service / supply organizations eager to take advantage of investment opportunities in the Russian Far East. It offers a comprehensive overview of oil and gas potential in the region and details the projects, both current and future, in the exploration, production, transportation and infrastructure sectors. One of the exceptional features of the report is its geographical scope covering all administrative units comprising the Russian Far East: from Primorye to Chukotka and from Sakhalin to Sakha. The report also analyses both the federal and local regulations and reviews the key Russian and foreign players.

The Future of Oil and Gas in the Russian Far East is a source of indispensable data for:
  • oil and gas operators
  • engineering and construction contractors
  • oilfield service providers
  • equipment and materials manufacturers
  • shipping and transportation companies
  • banks and financial institutions
  • government and trade organizations

CHAPTER 1: General Information

1.1. Geography and climate
1.2. Administrative and territorial division
1.3. Social and economic developmen
1.3.1 Role of the fuel and energy sector in the region's economy
1.3.2. Transport and infrastructure
1.3.3. Foreign trade
1.3.4. Investment in fixed assets
1.4. Regional investment legislation
Sakhalin Region
Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Primorsk Region
Khabarovsk Region
Amur Region

CHAPTER 2: The Far East Region’s Resource Base
2.1 Geological zoning
2.2 Oil and gas reserves and resources

CHAPTER 3: Status of Oil and Gas Industry

3.1. Oil and gas production
3.1.1. Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegaz (SMNG)
3.1.2. Petrosakh
3.1.3. Sakhalin Oil Co
3.1.4. Sakhaneftegaz
3.1.5. Sibneft - Chukotka
3.2. Transportation infrastructure
3.2.1 Okha-Komsomolsk-na-Amure pipelines
3.2.2. Okha gas pipeline system
3.2.3. Aniva gas pipeline system
3.2.4. Talakanskoye field - Vitim settlement oil pipeline
3.2.5. Kysyl-Syr - Mastakh - Berge - Yakutsk gas pipeline
3.2.6. Sredne-Botuobinskoye field - Mirny gas pipeline
3.2.7. De-Kastri oil terminal
3.2.8. Vanino port
3.2.9. Nakhodka oil-loading port
3.2.10 Vladivostok port
3.3 Refining and processing
3.3.1 Komsomolsk refinery
3.3.2 Khabarovsk refinery
3.3.3 Petrosakh mini refinery
3.3.4 Oil refining and gas condensate processing
3.3.5 Natural gas processing
3.4. Far East oil, oil products and gas target markets
3.4.1. Efficiency of supplies to domestic and foreign markets
3.4.2. Export opportunities to APR countries

CHAPTER 4: Long-Term Oil and Gas Projects
4.1 E&P projects
4.1.1. Sakhalin-1
4.1.2. Sakhalin-2
4.1.3. Sakhalin-3
4.1.4. Sakhalin-4
4.1.5. Sakhalin-5
4.1.6. Sakhalin-6
4.1.7. Sakhalin-7,-8,-9
4.1.8. Other projects 82 SAKHA (YAKUTIA)
4.1.9. Chayandinskoye field development
4.1.10 Talakanskoye field development
4.1.11 Western Kamchatka gas field development
4.1.12 Sea of Okhotsk shelf
4.1.13 Bering Sea shelf 87 MAGADAN REGION
4.1.14 Sea of Okhotsk shelf
4.2 Outlook for developing oil and gas transportation infrastructure
4.2.1 Oil and gas pipeline to Prigorodnoye settlement (Korsakovsky district), LNG and oil terminals (Sakhalin-2 project)
4.2.2 Oil Pipeline from Sakhalin-1 project to port of De-Kastri (Khabarovsk Region)
4.2.3 Sakhalin - Japan gas pipeline (Sakhalin-1 project)
4.2.4. Federal Program "Gasification of the Sakhalin, Khabarovsk and Primorsk Regions"
4.2.5. Talakanskoye field oil transportation
4.2.6 Chayandinskoye field gas transportation
4.2.7. Extension of oil terminal in port of De-Kastri
4.2.8. Komsomolsk-na-Amure - Khabarovsk gas pipeline
4.2.9. Angarsk - Perevoznaya Bay (near Vladivostok) oil pipeline (Transneft's project)
4.2.10. Gas pipeline from Kovykta to Nakhodka (TNK's proposal)
4.2.11 Oil Terminal at port of Vostochny
4.2.12. Khabarovsk - Vladivostok gas pipeline

CHAPTER 5: Opportunities for Equipment and Service Providers
5.1. Track record of Sakhalin-1 project
5.2 Track record of Sakhalin-2 project

APPENDIX 1: Contact Information for Selected Government Agencies of Far Eastern Regions

APPENDIX 2 : Text of the Sakhalin Law on PSA Taxation for Sakhalin-2

APPENDIX 3: Comparative Classification of Hydrocarbon Reserves/Resources

APPENDIX 4: Contact Information for Petroleum Companies Operating in the Far Eastern Region
Figure 1.1: Climate of Russia's Far Eastern regions
Figure 1.2: Territorial units of the Russian Far Eastern Region
Figure 1.3: Gross Regional Product of the Far Eastern Region, 2000
Figure 1.4: Principal social and economic indicators of the Far Eastern Region
Figure 1.5: Structure of industrial output of the Far Eastern Region, 2001
Figure 1.6: Transportation structure of the Far Eastern Region, 2001
Figure 1.7: Far Eastern Region's foreign trade volume, 2001
Figure 1.8: Distribution of foreign direct investments in territorial units of the Far Eastern Region, 2001
Figure 2.1: Recoverable Far East offshore and onshore oil, gas and condensate reserves and resources as of Jan.1, 2001
Figure 2.2: Main geological exploration indicators of Far East oil and gas provinces
Figure 2.3: Russian classification for the extent of geological exploration
Figure 2.4: Recoverable oil, natural gas and gas condensate reserves in Far East regions as of Jan.1, 2001
Figure 2.5: Major Far East oil and gas fields
Figure 3.1: Oil, gas and oil products balance in the Far East, 1998-2001
Figure 3.2: Oil and gas production in the Far East, 1998-2001
Figure 3.3: Oil and gas production on Sakhalin, 1998-2001
Figure 3.4: Oil and gas production in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), 1998-2001
Figure 3.5: Oil and gas transportation from the Far East, 1998-2001
Figure 3.6: Oil and gas transportation from Sakhalin, 1998-2001
Figure 3.7: Oil products exported through Vanino, 2001
Figure 3.8: Oil products export through Nakhodka, 2001
Figure 3.9: Oil products export through Vladivostok, 2001
Figure 3.10: Far East crude oil refining in 1998-2001, thou. tons
Figure 3.11: Key performance indicators of the Khabarovsk region refineries in 1998-2001, thou. tons
Figure 3.12: Komsomolsk refinery performance indicators in 1998-2001, thou. tons
Figure 3.13: Khabarovsk refinery performance indicators in 1998-2001, thou. tons
Figure 3.14: Petrosakh mini refinery performance indicators in 1998-2001, thou. tons
Figure 3.15: Yakutgazprom condensate processing plant performance indicators in 1998-2001, thou. tons
Figure 3.16: Oil production and consumption in APR countries in 1998-2001, mln tons
Figure 3.17: Forecast of oil consumption in APR countries for 2005-2020, mln tons
Figure 3.18: Gas production and consumption in APR countries in 1998-2001, bcm
Figure 3.19: Forecast of gas consumption in APR countries for 2005-2020, bcm
Figure 4.1: Far East oil and gas, 2010-2015
Figure 4.2: List of the Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea shelf areas put up for license tenders and auctions in 2003-2006
Figure 4.3: Oil and gas production forecast in the Far East, 2005-2015
Figure 4.4: Characteristics of the most profitable resources of Sakhalin-3,-4,-5,-6 projects
Figure 4.5: The most profitable oil and gas bearing structures of Sakhalin-3,-4,-5,-6 projects
Figure 4.6: Far East oil and gas exports, 2005-2015
Figure 5.1: Value of contracts under Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 projects

Map 1.1: Far Eastern Region of Russia
Map 1.2: Transport Infrastructure in the Far East
Map 2.1: Far East Oil and Gas Provinces and Areas
Map 4.1: Sakhalin Shelf Projects
Map 4.2: Sakhalin -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 Projects
Map 4.3: Sakhalin -6, -7, -8, -9 Projects
Map 4.4: The Chayandinskoye and Talakanskoye Fields in Yakutia
Map 4.5: Licensed Blocks of the Sea of Okhotsk Shelf in Kamchatka, 2003
Map 4.6: Licensed Areas of the Bering Sea Shelf, 2003-2005
Map 4.7: Licensed Areas of the Sea of Okhotsk Shelf in Magadan Region, 2004-2006
Map 4.8: Transportation Infrastructure of Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 Projects
Map 4.9: Oil and Gas Transportation Scheme of Talakanskoye and Chayandinskoye Fields


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