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The Outlook for Russian LNG Amid New Realities
The Outlook for Russian LNG Amid New Realities
Released: September 2014
Language: Russian
Quanity: pages
Format: book and CD
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Price: € 2.450
Russian exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG)began not so long ago. The country’s aspirations to roll out new projects have been on the rise since an LNG plant was commissioned on Sakhalin Island. Despite fierce competition, Russia aims to capture over 20% of the global LNG market by 2030. Partial liberalization of LNG exports from Russia has enabled Rosneft and NOVATEK to commence implementation of their projects alongside the countrys key exporter – Gazprom.

This studyfocuses on advanced LNG projects in Russia: analysis of their resource base, financing conditions and main implementations options. The report also examines key issues related to LNG marketing. The main purpose is to identify potential niches for supplying Russian LNG to world markets. Special attention is attached to counties in the Asia-Pacific Region, which is the target market for most Russian projects.

Aside from providing detailed information on process of the implementation of LNG projects in Russia, the report also outlines the competitive struggle between Russian companies; the activity of foreign players in the oil and gas market that are interested in expanding certain Russian LNG projects; and mutual relations between project operators and gas buyers on the corporate level.

A key sectionof the report is one concerning prospective breakeven prices for LNG deliveries from Russian to global markets, especially APR and Europe. These calculations are based on a model developed by RPI that incorporates the main value chain indices of the LNG business.

Key sections of the study:
o Current state of Russian LNG projects
o Target LNG supply markets for projects under implementation
o Evaluating the breakeven point for deliveries to target markets
o Identifying market niches for Russian LNG in various countries
o Forecasting the breakdown of LNG volumes under long-term Russian projects

Monetization of remote and offshore reserves of Russian natural gas has attracted rising interest from potential partners, investors and technological contractors. This study could be a valuable tool in the strategic decision-making process for companies looking to enter Russian LNG projects. In-depth analysis of each project, along with an assessment of its financial viability, will allow all market players ranging from suppliers of equipment and materials to engineering companies, financial institutions, etc. to gain an objective vision of the outlook and risks for all projects under consideration, while highlighting business expansion opportunities in each area.
Chapter 1. Modern Trends in Development of the Global LNG Market
Chapter 2. Modern LNG Projects in Russia (Status and Outlook for Expansion)
2.1. Sakhalin 2
2.2. Yamal LNG
2.3. Vladivostok LNG
2.4. Far East LNG
2.5. Pechora LNG
2.6. A speculative project: Baltic LNG
Chapter 3. Outlook for the Expansion of Regional LNG Markets in Asia-Pacific and Europe Until 2030 and a Possible Niche for Russian Supplies
3.1. Expansion of the LNG market in the Asia-Pacific Region
3.1.1. China
3.1.2. Japan
3.1.3. South Korea
3.1.4. India
3.1.5 Thailand
3.1.6. Taiwan
3.1.7. Free niches on the market of key APR countries
3.2. Expansion of the European LNG market
3.2.1. Spain
3.2.2. France
3.2.3. United Kingdom
3.2.4. Free niches on the market of key European countries
Chapter 4. LNG Prices under Russian Projects and Possible Distribution of Russian LNG on Sales Markets in APR and Europe
4.1. Breakeven prices for Russian LNG projects
4.2. Breakdown of Russian LNG on the global market and outlook until 2030


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