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Russian Oilfield Services Companies 2015
Russian Oilfield Services Companies 2015
Released: July 2015
Language: Russian
Quanity: 184 pages
Format: book and CD
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Price: € 2.570
The Russian oilfield services marketaccounts for approx. 17% of the global market, that is, over 25 billion dollars in money terms. More than 200 Russian and foreign companies are active on the market, which makes it highly competitive.

National companies have a foothold in theRussian oilfield services market, which is not the case in most producing countries (except for the USA). According to certain estimates, they account for approx. 80% of the market, whereas foreign companies hold only 20%. Yet, other estimates suggest that foreign players control more than half of the market through affiliated or controlled Russian companies. These and other peculiarities of the Russian oilfield services market are studied in the analytical report“Russian Oilfield Services Companies”:

- Russian oilfield services market is distinguished by its high captivity. Open market accounts for approx. 30%. What companies control closed and captive market? Do independent players have a chance to enter the market? What companies take part in competition in the open market?
- In the last year there has been a visible trend among VIOCs to collect oilfield service assets. How serious is this trend, and what effect can it have on the market?
- Oilfield services market has been operating under anti-Russian sanctions for a year. What is their impact on the relations between stakeholders? Do companies change their development strategies to adjust to the sanctions?

Thisstudyanswers all these questions.
Competitive environment is described in the study based on analysis of the current state of each segment of the Russian oilfield services market. A large scope of statistical and estimated data, companies’ profiles and expert assessments paint a collective picture of the relations in the Russian oilfield services market.
1 Introduction
2 Drilling services
2.1. Analysis of drilling services market
2.1.1. Market dynamics
2.1.2. Analysis of competitive environment
2.1.3. Production facilities of market players
2.2. Profiles of independent contractors
2.3. Profiles of drilling contractors of vertically integrated oil companies
2.4. Companies undergoing bankruptcy proceedings
3 Well servicing and workover and sidetracking services market
3.1. Analysis of well servicing and workover market and sidetracking services market
3.1.1. Dynamics of well servicing and workover market
3.1.2. Competitive environment in the well servicing and workover market
3.1.3. Production facilities of players of well servicing and workover market
3.1.4. Dynamcis of sidetracking services market
3.1.5. Competitive environment in the sidetracking services market
3.1.6. Production facilities of players of sidetracking services market
3.3. Profiles of independent companies
3.4. Profiles of VIOCs’ servicing divisions
3.5. Companies undergoing bankruptcy proceedings
4 Fracturing services market
4.1. Market study
4.2. Analysis of competitive environment
4.3. Companies profiles
4.3.1. Profiles of independent companies
4.3.2. Profiles of VIOCs' servicing divisions
5 Well cementing
5.1. Market study
5.2. Analysis of competitive environment
5.3. Companies profiles
5.3.1. Profiles of independent compnaies
5.3.2. Profiles of VIOCs servicing divisions
5.3.3. Companies undergoing bankruptcy proceedings
6 Seismic surveying market
6.1 Analysis of seismic surveying market
6.2. Analysis of competitive environment
6.2.1. 2D market
6.2.2. 3D market
6.2.3. Production facilities of market players
6.3. Companies profiles


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