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The Russian Oilfield Services Market Amid Current Challenges in the Prevailing Geopolitical Environment
The Russian Oilfield Services Market Amid Current Challenges in the Prevailing Geopolitical Environment
Released: June 2014
Language: Russian or English
Quanity: 120 pages
Format: book and CD
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RPIhas published studies on theRussian oilfield services marketsince 2005. The company experts have been closely tracking all the changes that have taken place in the oilfield services market and have employed the knowledge base and expertise accumulated to compile and prepare the study materials.

The current version of the studyas compared to the previous has been updated with relevant information on new companies formed, technological solutions adopted recently on an experimental basis, and which subsequently became part of daily practice in the industry.

The structure of drilling is currently undergoing changes in Russia: average well depth is on the rise and the proportion of shares with horizontal completion is increasing, while multi-stage hydraulic fracturing is also being widely used. In addition, a number of projects aiming to produce tight oil got under way in 2013. The future of the segment of unconventional hydrocarbon development will depend on the success in implementation of these pilot projects. These and other industry paradigm shifts prompted RPI to produce a new version of its research report on the oilfield services market.

This version of the report covers activities on a broad range of oil and gas companies. The drilling market analysis section has been revised to include new details on horizontal drilling techniques and the outlook for their application over the next few years. Special attention is devoted to such specific service market segments as cementing and well completion, as well as MWD/LWD (measurement while drilling/logging while drilling) services. The report also offers market size valuations for all of the oilfield service segments under review.

The main sections of the study cover the following:
• Analysis of the drilling market, production and well stocks
Overview of main drilling and upstream projects conducted by oil companies
Evaluation of the key oilfield services market segments in commodity and financial terms
Projections for development of the oilfield services market and its segments from 2014 through 2023

This research studyalso devotes special attention to the how the situation in Ukraine is having an impact on the Russian oilfield services market. Markets players have become rather concerned amid the limitations on foreign technology and equipment supplies to Russia, imposed or considered by a number of countries. Indeed, this has become a hot topic given the requirements for technologies used at tight oil and gas reserves. The study aims to address the impact of the Ukraine factor on each relevant segment of the Russian oilfield services market.

This reportcould be a valuable tool for players of the oilfield services market. It could also provide key insights to oil companies interested in gaining an objective evaluation of their own performance. The study offers a broader range and greater depth of insight compared to other market studies and would considerably reduce time and expense in acquiring and analyzing market data.

The proposed projectionshinge on thorough analysis of the relevant segments of the oilfield services market, thus enabling oilfield services companies to tailor the study to the needs of their various divisions. The study might also help oil services companies evaluate their own potential impartially, in crafting their long-term strategy, and setting targets aimed at boosting operating performance.


2.Key Findings

3.Oil Production

3.1.Oil Production Rates

3.2.Key Current and Potential Oil Production Projects



3.2.3.Gazprom Neft






3.3.Structure of Oil Production

3.4.Key Legislative Factors Regulating Oil Production in Russia



3.4.3.The 60-66-90 Tax Regime

3.4.4.Export Duty


3.4.6.Proposed Amendments to the Taxation System

4.Drilling and Well Inventories

4.1.Major Drilling Projects



4.1.3.Gazprom Neft






4.2.Production Drilling

4.2.1.Horizontal Drilling

4.3.MWD/ LWD

4.4.Cementing and Well Completion

4.5.Well Inventories

4.6.Well Workovers

4.7.Exploration Drilling

5.Enhanced Oil Recovery

5.1.Hydraulic Fracturing


5.3.Bottomhole Zone Treatment

6.Market Value

6.1.Production Drilling

6.1.1.Horizontal Drilling

6.2.Exploration Drilling

6.3.Cementing and Completion

6.4.Hydraulic Fracturing

6.5.Production Stimulation Operations

6.6.Well Workovers

6.7.MWD/ LWD

6.8.Other Segments

7.Outlook for the Russian Oilfield Services Market from 2014 to 2023

7.1.Forecasting Methodology

7.2.Forecast of Oil Production Trends

7.3.Forecast of Production Drilling Trends

7.3.1.Forecast of Horizontal Drilling Scopes

7.4.Forecast of Exploration Drilling Scopes

7.5.Forecast of Cementing and Completion Scopes

7.6.Forecast of Hydraulic Fracturing Scope

7.7.Forecast of MWD/LWD Scopes

7.8 Forecast of Production Stimulation Operations


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