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Наши проекты

За более чем 20 лет работы RPI заслужила доверие многих наших партнеров. Сотни российских и зарубежных компаний являются нашими постоянными клиентами.

В их число входят: крупнейшие нефтегазовые корпорации, отечественные и зарубежные производители нефтегазового оборудования, нефтесервисные компании, проектные институты, инвестиционные фонды, а также многие другие. Кроме этого мы активно работаем с государственными компаниями и образовательными организациями.

Вы можете убедиться в высоком качестве наших услуг и впоследствии пополнить ряды наших клиентов, связавшись с нами, либо заполнив заявку на этой странице.

Отзывы клиентов


М.А. Kondrina

LLK-International has worked with RPI for several years and used its information products and reports in our activities. All RPI studies are deeply insightful in their analytical quality and reveal a holistic understanding of the processes occurring in the Russian lubricant and grease markets.
Over the years of cooperation, RPI has proven itself to be a foremost research company whose work is hallmarked with high professionalism and utmost commitment to results.

Head of the Strategic Planning an Methodology Department, LLK-International

S.V. Sidorova

RPI was a consultant for Transnefteprodukt and in this capacity provided services in support of efforts to raise debt financing for the Sever (North) project. RPI was tasked to conduct an economic feasibility study of the project vis-à-vis market conditions on the basis of their own forecasts and market growth scenarios spanning a 10-year period.
RPI completed the tasks with high professional quality and demonstrated a profound understanding of all sectors of the petroleum economy…
I would strongly recommend RPI as industry consultants for the fuel and energy sector.

First Vice President, Transnefteprodukt

М.М. Dubinsky

… RPI’s strength is the ability to conduct a complex analysis by combining their own knowledge base with a large amount of industry information and a wide range of assessments by subject matter experts.
I recommend RPI as highly professional industry consultants on the oil and gas sector.

Deputy General Director for Marketing, NIPIgazpererabotka

A.V. Molchanov

We would like to thank the entire RPI team for their work on the market study for RF oilfield, refinery and gas processing facility design and construction services. The deliverables they produced are of high quality and very professional. The RPI staff demonstrated a thorough understanding of the market.
We wish you success and look forward to continued rewarding cooperation.”

General Director, HMS Group

James E. Searing

“RPI is the authoritative source of information on the energy industry in the former Soviet Union. In an environment where politics are crucial for any investment project, no one has better sources or insights than RPI.”

Director of International Business Services Ernst & Young

Geoff Wilkinson

“Of the consulting firms that I have used in the former Soviet Union, RPI has provided the best quality information, especially considering our budget and time constraints.”

Project Manager UNOCAL

W. David Rossiter

“I recommend to you RPI, both as a provider of ongoing research and as a consultant for specific projects. In a country where accurate information is a most scarce resource, RPI’s qualifications are impressive.”

Vice President Conoco

Ann Pickard

“RPI has helped us formulate our negotiating strategies in the FSU...We have saved substantial time and money by using RPI’s consulting service.”

Vice President Mobil Oil

Stephen F. Hunkus

“… In 2000-01, RPI management played an important role in negotiations with YUKOS and LUKOIL, which led to the stipulation of a strategically important deal with the former company… This could not have been achieved without the professional input, connections, expertise and intense efforts of our colleagues from RPI…”

General director Mazeikiu Nafta