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More detailed information on this company and many others, as well as industry-specific analytics, market valuations, and market forecasts can be found in RPIs reports.
Segment of business: Geological and geophysical exploration
Key activities: Exploration works at fields in the Barents Sea
Actual address: 1 Kolskiy pr., Murmansk, 183032
Registered address: 1 Kolskiy pr., Murmansk, 183032
Telephone: +7 (8152) 27-92-83, +7 (8152) 27-98-99 (fax)
Web site: http://www.ashng.ru
Email: ashng@ashng.ru

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RPIs expertise

RPI is a leading Russian company that provides research and consulting services on a broad range of issues relating to development of the OFS and equipment markets of Russia, FSU countries and Eastern Europe. RPI is the first company in its league to have analyzed and provided a monetary evaluation of the Russian OFS market.

Extensive experience acquired in carrying out research projects, in-house analytical and evaluation techniques enable RPI to tackle even the most challenging projects in the various market segments both as research reports and client projects undertaken by RPI for OFS companies, operators, equipment manufacturers and other market players.

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Sample projects

Russian manufacturer and supplier of equipment and service for hydrocarbon production

Content — Study of the oilfield service equipment market and alternatives for its possible replacement.

Purpose — Analytical support for the companys marketing strategy and business plan to upgrade production facilities.

Leading Russian drilling and oilfield services company

Content — Elaboration of mid-term outlook for the Russian oilfield services market by oil and gas provinces and market segments, including estimates and forecasts of market size, supply/demand balances and competitive environment.

Purpose — Analytical support for working out the clientss development strategy and determining its investment priorities.


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