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Lubricants & Greases

RPIs expertise

Since its inception, RPI has provided a broad array of research and consulting services to players of the lubricants market in Russia and CIS countries.

RPIs project portfolio is extensive in this area. Every year, the company holds the Moscow International Lubricant Week, publishes analytical reports dedicated to engine and gear oil markets, and carries out large-scale research projects for major domestic and foreign companies.

The companys vast expertise, updatable in-house databases and unique research techniques enable RPI to tackle even the most complex projects for all market players. The companys range of expertise includes such issues as market analysis to assess supply and demand, the competitive environment, evaluation of project feasibility, working out market entry strategies and evaluating M&A opportunities.


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Sample projects

Multi-client report for market players

Content — Analysis of the Russian engine and gear oils market for passenger cars and trucks: current state of the market and forecast for its change

Purpose — Setting up an information and analytical framework to enable market players to fine-tune their development strategies in this segment

A leading international manufacturer of oils and lubricants

Content — Development of a detailed database on companies that manufacture base oils and lubricants in Russia and FSU countries.

Purpose — Information support to help the company expand its business in target markets.

A major Russian VIOC

Content — Analysis of a number of FSU engine oil markets, with key deliverables including market scope, logistics, competitive environment, consumer preference patterns, etc.

Purpose — Deliverables constituted the framework for working out the companys strategy for entering new markets and marketing its product mix, including a number of premium brands.

A leading producer of lubricating oil additives

Content — Analysis of the Russian market for lubricants used in gas-powered reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE). Deliverables included an analysis of the current state and potential dynamics for the expansion of the engine market, a calculation of lube consumption and forecast of changes in the medium term as well as an evaluation of the markets competitive environment.

Purpose — Analytical support for the companys plans to manufacture a new type of additives.

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