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Independent Oil Producers in Russia: Analysis, Outlook and Assets
Independent Oil Producers in Russia: Analysis, Outlook and Assets
Released: November 2007
Language: English, Russian
Quanity: 287 pages
Format: book and CD
Delivery: express shipping (2-4 days)
Price: € 5.800
The Independent Oil Producers in Russia: Analysis, Outlook and Assets study is designed to provide to oil and gas investors a comprehensive overview of the IOC segment, to the extent made possible by availability of information.

The study aims to assist a potential investor in understanding the key historical and current developments in the segment, as well as to collect and analyze information on the companies that account for 90% of the segment’s production.

The Independent Oil Producers in Russia: Analysis, Outlook and Assets
is structured in two parts:
  • Part 1. Overview of the segment, its recent developments, key factors shaping operations of IOCs in Russia, and outlook for the segment’s development.
  • Part 2. Detailed profiles of 40 largest IOCs in Russia.
Each company profile contains:
  • detailed data on its fields (licenses, reserves, reservoir and crude properties)
  • oil production (historical from 2001 and current)
  • exports (including by destination)
  • information on corporate history and ownership
Profiles of 52 more Russian IOCs, structured in a similar manner, are available for additional ordering.

The Independent Oil Producers in Russia: Analysis, Outlook and Assets
is an essential source for:
  • strategic and private equity investors
  • investment and financial institutions
  • professional service companies
  • service and equipment suppliers to the Russian oil industry

Part I. Analysis of current stands and general trends affecting the development of IOC segment

Chapter 1: Russian independent oil producers: Group profile

1.1. Composition and boundaries of the IOC segment
1.3 Current market status of IOCs
1.3.3. Access to refining facilities
1.3.4. Access to oilfield services
1.4 Geography of IOC operations
1.5 IOC internal differentiation
1.6 Ownership structure
1.7 Companies with foreign capital

Chapter 2: Overview of the Russian petroleum industry

2.1. Key sector trends
2.2 Industry structure and major players
2.3. Government policy on the petroleum industry
2.4 New rules of the game for foreign investors
2.5. Outlook for further consolidation of the petroleum industry and the independent oil production sector
2.6 Sale of assets by major holding companies
2.7. Internal consolidation in the independent oil-production segment

Chapter 3: Licensing and the independent oil-production segment

3.1. Auction practices in 2005 and 2006
3.2. Bidding in auctions by independent companies
3.3. Categories of independent auction bidders

Chapter 4: Independent company value analysis

Chapter 6: Independent company asset acquisition risks

Chapter 7: Outlook for growth of the independent producer segment

Part II: Company Profiles

Annex 1: Comparison of Russian and international reserve classification

West Siberian Resources (WSR)
Lundin Petroleum
Imperial Energy
Irkutsk Oil Company
anBaikal Resources Inc
Predpriyatie Kara-Altyn
Severnoe Siyanie
Vostochnaya Transnatsionalnaya Kompaniya (Eastern Transnational Company)
“NK Dulisma”
OO NK Recher Komi

Appendix 1: Existing oil transport infrastructure: an overview

Pipeline infrastructure
Crude oil transportation by rail
Marine Terminals

Appendix 2: Petroleum industry taxation
Figure 0-1. Illustrative example: Reserve distribution in the RF
Figure 0-2. Illustrative example: An independent producer's role in a field life cycle
Figure 1-1. Number and share of IOCs in total oil production in 1993-2006
Figure 1-2. 2006 revenue and EBITDA per ton of oil production for VIOCs and independent companies
Figure 1-3. Oil production growth in the independent producer segment versus total industry, 2001-2006, %
Figure 1-4. Breakdown of IOCs by production volume in 2001 and 2006
Figure 2-1. Russian oil production dynamics
Figure 3-2. Changes in the Urals price ($/ton, right scale) and proportion of the mineral extraction tax (MET) and export duty in the Urals price from 2003 to 2007 (January'03-July'07), (%, left scale)
Figure 2-3. Production capex of leading Russian VIOCs, $ millions
Figure 2-4. Oil production forecast for Russia: 2008-2015, million tons
Figure 2-5. Russian oil production structure in 2000, million tons, %
Figure 2-6. Russian oil production structure in 2006, million tons, %
Figure 3-1. Size and value of reserves in auctioned blocks
Figure 4-1. Reserve sales by region, %
Figure 4-2. The volume of oil reserves of independent companies and VIOC subsidiaries sold from 2004 to 2006, millions of tons
Figure 4-3. Average per-ton value of reserves sold in 2004-2006, $/ton
Figure 4-4. Individual transactions in the total volume of reserves sold in 2006, %
Figure 4-5. Individual transactions in the total volume of reserves sold in 2006, in value terms, %
Figure 4-6. Average per-ton price under different transactions in 2006, $/ton
WSR reserves growth by company: 2004-2006
Figure 8-2. WSR production growth: 2004-2006
Urals Energy oil production by region in 2004-2006, thousands of tons
Oil production by Urals Energy companies in 2004-2006, thousands of tons
Urals Energy capital expenditures in 2006 ($ million)
Lundin Petroleum reserves by region, thousands of tons, %
Lundin Petroleum production by region, 2006
IE production targets, thousands of tons
Targeted scopes of drilling at IE's three major fields, number of wells
IE's capital expenditure targets for 2007-2009, $ million
Production of crude oil and condensate at INK's individual fields in 2001-2006, thousands of tons per year
Table 1-1. Share of exports via Transneft system in total production by VIOCs and independent companies, %
Table 1-2. Breakdown of IOCs by major oil- and gas-producing region
Table 1-3. Breakdown of independent oil companies by scale of production in 2006
Table 1-4. Breakdown of independent oil companies by scale of production in 2001 and 2006
Table 1-5. Production assets owned by companies with foreign ownership (1)
Table 3-1. Comparison of starting prices to bonuses at 2006 licensing auctions
Table 3-2. Bidding by independent companies in licensing auctions in 2005
Table 3-3. Bidding by independent companies in licensing auctions in 2006
Table 3-4. The most expensive license blocks purchased by independent companies
Table 4-1. Company acquisition transactions in 2004
Table 4-2. Company acquisition transactions in 2005
Table 4-3. Company acquisition transactions in 2006
Comparison of the Russian and international classifications
WSR principal shareholders
WSR oil reserves in Western Siberia
WSR oil reserves in Timan-Pechora
WSR oil reserves in the Volga-Urals region
Assets acquired by Urals Energy
Urals Energy shareholders' equity structure
Urals Energy oil reserves and production
Peschanoozerskoye field reserves and production
Reserves and production at the Yuzhno-Tebukskoye and Sosnovskoye fields
Reserves and production at the Dinyu-Savinoborskoye and Yuzhno-Michayuskoye fields
Voivozhskaya group oil reserves, thousands of tons (as of 01/01/2006)
Chepetskoye NGDU oil reserves and production
Okruzhnoye field reserves and production
Lundin Petroleum assets in Russia
Shareholders' equity distribution among major shareholders
Imperial Energy oil reserves
Yaraktinskoye, Markovskoye and Danilovskoye fields' oil and condensate reserves
Assets acquired by INK and its subsidiaries through auction in 2005-2007


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