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Russian Market of Motor, Gear and Hydraulic Oils for Special, Road Building, Agricultural, Quarry and Other Machinery: Key Trends and the Consumption Forecast until 2030
Russian Market of Motor, Gear and Hydraulic Oils for Special, Road Building, Agricultural, Quarry and Other Machinery: Key Trends and the Consumption Forecast until 2030
Released: September 2017
Language: English or Russian
Quanity: 135 pages
Format: book and CD
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RPIoffers you a unique report on theRussian market ofmotor, gear and hydraulic oils for special, road-construction and other machinery. What makes this research conducted by RPI’s team of analysts unique in the first place is its detailed analysis of key market tendencies and acquisition of up-to-date consumption figures, which help make the most accurate assessment of demand for these types of oil by 2030. The final product is the result of many months of interviews our team has conducted with market players and industry sources, as well as the thorough analysis of data on car fleets, particular operational properties and technical requirements.
In 2016, Russias lubricants market shrank by 1.8 percent, totaling 1.58 million tons, and representing a moderate drop in comparison with the 4.7-percent fall in 2015. By 2020, the market could grow by 6.2 percent, and its total size in physical terms could top 1.67 million tons.

In 2016, the fleet of construction machinery continued to shrink and contracted by 6 percent. The plunge was caused by decreased imports due to price hikes of foreign-made machinery, which in turn was triggered by the rubles devaluation and investments falling (above all in construction and mining industries) by 4.2 percent compared with 2014.

Key consumers of motor, gear and hydraulic oils for this type of machinery are fleets of road-construction and agricultural machinery, which account for over 70 percent of total demand.

As the lubricants market grows overall, positives sales dynamics can also be expected in the segment of motor and other oils for special-purpose machinery. The key drivers behind such dynamics are the implementation of federal programs for development and reconstruction of the transportation sector and residential housing, road construction and agricultural support programs, as well as growth of investment activities in general in Russias economy.

This research focuseson the fleet of special-purpose machinery, in the first place on the vehicles that arent used on general-purpose roads:
• tractors
front-end loaders
combined harvesters

Special-purposeand agricultural machinery fleets' share in lubricant consumption is comparable to that of other commercial transportation vehicles (trucks, buses, etc), requiring a detailed study of this segment.
This report is unique for its detailed analysis of the road construction, agriculture and other machinery as per different brands and models, as well as for its interviews with operators of these fleets, imports and exports analysis, which makes it possible to create the most realistic forecast of consumption of motor, gear and hydraulic oils.

Research methodology and information sources:
- Gathering and analysis of industry statistics
- Analysis of the road construction and other machinery fleets as per brands, models and intensity of use
- Gathering and arrangement of technical requirements for use of motor, gear and hydraulic oils as per different brands and models
- Poll of operators (over 400 interviews) of road construction and other machinery, including use of dedicated online forums and Internet platforms
- Analysis of Russias manufacturing of special-purpose machinery
- Gathering of data on major companies that work in the Russian market, conducting legended interviews
- Interviews with industry experts

The high level of detailed elaborationand accuracy of market data, presented in this report, allows to use them in preparing and making operational, strategic and investment decisions.

About RPI
For over 20 years RPI has been conducting research and consulting projects related to petroleum production, refining and retail sales of oil products in Russia and CIS. For more than 10 years RPI has been hosting a major event in the lubricants industry in Russia and CIS, “Moscow International Lubricants Week.”
Our copious industry experience, our tremendous analytical database, and the access to leading industry experts and company representatives help RPI create an unbiased, realistic portrayal of the market and a highly precise forecasting model.
Study methodology
Macroeconomic indicators and the market of oils in the Russian Federation
Key findings and study trends
Road Building Machinery Fleet and Market of Oils
Small Machinery Fleet and Market of Oils
Quarry Machinery Fleet and Market of Oils
Agricultural Machinery Fleet and Market of Oils
Research of regional market of oils for road building, agricultural, quarry and other machinery
The competitive environment of the market of oils for road building, agricultural, quarry and other machinery
Profiles of consumer companies in terms of fleets
Profiles of companies producing oils
Brand structure of fleets broken down by federal districts (FD)


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